Juan Villafane
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Rock That Swing Ffestival 2013 Juan & Sharon - Lindy Hop Showcase .
Voyez comment Sharon nous fait comprendre qu'elle est belle et qu'elle est aussi la pour s'amuser un max...
Et n'essayez pas de doubler Juan , c'est un expert en arts martiaux... A bon entendeur, salut...

Inspiration Weekend 2014 - Competition & Show Track Performance
Sharon Davis & Juan Villafane mènent la danse
Lindy Shock 2012 - Thirsday Teacher Cabaret - Sharon & Juan - Sharon DAVIS en grande forme, com'dab...
Camp Swing It 2010(Korea) Performance Juan VILLAFANE, Sharon DAVIS

Juan VILLAFANE & Sharon DAVIS - Provence Swing Festival

Juan VILLAFANE & Sharon DAVIS - Camp Hollywood 2012 Showcases
National Jitterbug Champioship. The winners
Here's our showcase that won 1st place this weekend! http://youtu.be/DXR0ePGAhLY Two of my idols that inspired me for this routine - Jean Veloz and Freda Angela Wyckoff - were actually there at Camp Hollywood! Wow!!! Much love to my wonderful partner Juan Ignacio Villafane, and also to Dax Hock and Sarah Breck for their inspiration and help with this number