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MIKE SANCHEZ - Billy Bob's Saloon 1 boogie

Mike Sanchez with Ray Collins' Hot Club @ Hula Boogie, London January 2010

Hula Boogie! celebrated their 7th Anniversary by presenting a unique and exclusive show
featuring both the fabulous piano pounding Mike Sanchez AND the astounding high performance orchestra
from Germany Ray Collins' Hot Club. WHAT A NIGHT !
Liubliana sweetswing festival:
http://lssf.si/ 14 - 17 mars 2013 - slovénie
Et du beau monde dans les teachers
4 Year Old Boy Plays Piano Better Than Any Master

"Something's going on in my room" - Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne

My favourite Lindy Hop video

This is a video I got from www.glitterlisa.com/ many many years ago back when there were videos on that site. I'm told the dancers are Jason Espaza and Vanessa ??. They're at the Melody Club Ballroom in Houston, TX. My original copy (with audio) is available at http://dancingsamurai.ca/2009/07/19/my-favourite-lindy-video/
TantsClass Cup 2011 Lindy hop Main Class Finals - Fast Jam Song #1

TantsClass Cup 2011 Lindy hop Main Class Finals - Fast Jam Song #1
Truckin' Routine at the Swing Brother Swing Festival, Bologna Italy 2011

Instructors at the 2011 Swing Brother Swing Festival in Italy perform the Truckin' routine, choreographed by Sharon Davis. Song: "Truckin" by Willie Bryant
Dancers: Juan Villafane (Argentina) au centre au début, Sharon Davis (Australia), Kevin St Laurent (USA) qui vient glisser sur les fesses au milieu de la scène, Jo Hoffberg (USA), Nathan Bugh (USA), Evita Arce (USA), Shesha Marvin (USA), Nikki Marvin (USA), Thomas Blacharz (France), Alice Mei (France), William Mauvais (France), Maeva Truntzer (France)
Hippocampus Jass Gang - Blue Drag
Hippocampus Jass Gang & Swingjammerz, Montpellier.
Teaser "Hippocampus Jass Gang"

Max Pitruzzella & Tatiana Udry social dancing with Claudio Della Corte

Max Pitruzzella & Tatiana Udry social dancing with Claudio Della Corte Quartet at the Apollo Jazz Café for the Swingjammerz Weekend in Montpellier.
Great Dancing with Gipsy Jazz and amazing musicians : il maestro Claudio Della Corte, Olivier Vrillon, Johan Paez, Tatilo Winterstein.
Learn the California Routine - Full Routine With Counts avec Patrick & Natasha

KSDC - California Routine

Bobby & Kate - california routine (2006)

The 'Big Cal' - Big Apple & California Routine at Swing Brother Swing, Bologna

Eleanor Powell and Fred Astaire. Tap Dance duet.

Begin The Beguine claquettes

Entendez comment ils se causent avec leurs pieds ces deux la...
Cotton Club Dancers Bust Some Moves

Filmed May 23, 1933, Bessie Dudley and Florence Hill show how to move to Duke Ellington's Bugle Call Rag.
Both Dudley and Hill were Cotton Club dancers, though this was not filmed at the Cotton Club.
Bessie Dudley died January 16, 1999 at the age of 88. I've not yet been able to find information about Florence Hill.
The band is Duke Ellington, Arthur Whetsel, Cootie Williams, Freddie Jenkins, Joe Nanton, Juan Tizol,
Lawrence Brown, Barney Bigard, Otto Hardwick, Johnny Hodges, Harry Carney, Benny James (subbing on guitar),
Wellman Braud, and Sonny Greer. Thanks to ellingtonweb.ca for the band member info
Camp Hollywood 2012 Shag Finals

Camp Hollywood 2012 Shag Finals Filmed at 2012 Camp Hollywood by Swing Pictures
Min Vo and Moe Sakan
Morgan Day and Molly Woltz
Joseph Rocamora and Kristy Rocamora
Mike Mizgalski and Laura Keat
Stephen Sayer and Fancy Dougherty
Nathan McWiliams Heather Martelle
Joel Plys and Lily Matini
Ryan Martin and Heather Kaplan
Camp Hollywood 2012 - Nick Williams? and Laura Keat

2012 Berlin Balboa Weekend - Showcase Awards (Anton Olfert & Anastasia Evstropova) FULL HD

Camera and editing by David Gauffin
Balboa dance - Denise & Dave MSF09

Melbourne Swing Festival 2009 - Balboa division. Denise & Dave finished Second.
ABW All Balboa Weekend 2011: Open ACBC 2nd Place - Bernard Cavasa & Ann-Helene Cavasa

RTSF 2012 Instructors Jam (Anne-Hélène & Bernard)

Rock that Swing Teachers Jam part 2

Anne-Hélène & Bernard