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Le petit cours de référence
At Blues Cafe
The Dipsy Doodles at Blues Cafe
Cabaret GHX 2015 The Dipsy Doodles
TRANKY-DOO Tranky doo à Boston
Tranky doo at Blues Cafe
Le comptage     Le détail
Tranky Doo / Tranky Doo at Blues Cafe
Bobby & kate - Tranky Doo
Zaza et Lily

Chez Youtube
HolyLindyLand Tranky Doo Class Performance
Tranky doo
Une Répétition

Un sans fautes

11th Annual Swing du Nord Performances.
Joel Plys and Dominique Blouin lead their class in a performance of Tranky Doo. Music: "The Dipsey Doodle" by Ella Fitzgerald Chez Youtube

Jazz-roots / Tranky-Doo

Tranky-doo Dax Hock & Alice Mei

Nathan & Christine - Tranky Doo Jazz + Lindy Routine

CSI 2012 Party (Camp Swing It) - Tranky doo (Bel arrangement, belle musique)

Held at GaPyung, Korea, April 6 to April 8 2012 Camp Swing It(CSI) is the first Swing camp in Korea which started in 2009 and has hosted its fourth annual event this year.
Various dancers regardless of experience and skill enjoyed this three-day party and got the chances to learn from world class instructors, making it a true "dancer`s festival."
CSI aims to provide an ever higher quality of workshops and parties with various curriculums.
On Saturday night a special "Cabaret Night" tournament will let dancers show off their talents and win prizes.
Also, a couples, team, and Jack & Jill competition judged by champion instructors will be held, giving participants an opportunity to show their newly learned skills.

Tranky Doo jazz routine : C'est excellent , bien filmé , pédagogique...

Tranky Doo - 2 sep 2017
swing is the thing
Swing Is The Thing Carreau du Temple
Jazz roots